Top 7 Useful Tricks to Make Your Essay Longer

Most students have trouble finding enough reliable data for an essay. The fact is that many professors value credibility, accuracy, and self-improvement. But there is another subtle problem that almost all newbies face. What if you need to make your argumentative essay longer? Sometimes this option is very relevant.

Let's say you collected the required amount of data and even managed to organize the information. But what if you have about 150-200 more words to add? Does this mean that you should repeat the same thesis twice? Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice paper quality. Here are some simple tips to help you.

7 Express Tricks for Every Student

1. Check Your Paper Again

Almost every student is looking for ways to write a longer high-quality classification essay. But what if you're stumped? Do not despair. Start with the obvious advice. Most likely, you chose a specific thesis and based on reliable sources found. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Have you answered all the questions that are relevant to your topic?
  2. Do you have enough evidence, or can you add a couple more points?
  3. Can you find an additional source of up-to-date information?
  4. Have you paid attention to the importance of your paper, and can you expand some of the wording?

These simple questions will help you find additional resources to expand your assignment. Now you don't need to use search queries like " font size or how to know anything about making the header longer." But there are a few more options that you might find useful.

2. Check Your Intro and the Final Part

The introduction and ending are important elements of your review essay. In the first case, you need to indicate the importance of research and your position. Take a look at your paragraph again. You may form a new thesis or increase the word count by describing the importance or relevance of your topic. Your conclusion also plays a key role. Want to create longer paragraphs? Try to expand the final part and describe in more detail the results obtained or your conclusions.

3. Add Quotations

Typically, students add quotes to support a particular point of view. The point is, a lot of research is great as a springboard for your paper. Quotes will be helpful if you want to make your research paper longer. There is one life hack that will be very useful for you. Use indirect quotes. Rewrite any speech or create your interpretation of any definition. Add one quotation to each paragraph. Thanks to this life hack, you can easily expand your essay by 50-100 words.

4. Pick Some Transition Phrases

Here's another tip that works well. If you operate solely with facts, your final text will be too "dry." The point is that you need to use transition words and phrases. This writing trick works like glue for your paragraphs. Add some extra words and phrases:

  • in the final analysis;
  • to conclude;
  • in the summary.

First, your paragraphs will be longer. Plus, you can make your text easier to read. But you have to strike a balance. Secondly, don't add too many transition phrases. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your assignment less clear and understandable.

5. Take a Break

Let's say you decide to complete your assignment late at night. Your productivity is likely to be poor. Relax or switch to other activities. You shouldn't torture yourself. Sometimes a couple of hours of rest is enough to complete any task faster. Plus, you can start adding new phrases the next day. Then you will have a less preconceived view and new ideas.

6. Read Your Paper

Let's say you have coped with your task, but you need to add about 40-70 more words. Read your paper several times. Take a look at those paragraphs that look the shortest. How organic is the information you are reading? You will most likely be able to rephrase some parts or expand paragraphs. Add a few sentences to help you get your point across in more detail.

7. Ask Someone for Help

Ask someone to read your assignment. Typically, third parties can provide an unbiased opinion authors on Ask your friend or relative to tell you what is missing in your paragraphs. You will most likely be able to get some advice. Tell someone to read your paper out loud. This will help identify the weakest parts of the text.