Commission on the Future

The League’s Commission on the Future (“The Commission”) is charged with studying effective policy and practice changes that, if incorporated, could be reasonably implemented by 2020 and would enable the system to increase the number of students who have access to, and are able to complete, high-quality degrees, certificates and transfer pathways in our community colleges. The Commission is composed of 33 members including CEOs, Trustees, and faculty, staff and student members. The Commission met three times in 2010, with its work culminating in a report that will be published in Fall, 2010.

In California, all residents have the opportunity to complete a quality postsecondary education in a timely manner.
  • Success : Programs and support services should be designed to maximize the ability of students to be successful in meeting their higher education goals (e.g., certificate or degree completion.)
  • Equity: Access and success should regularly be monitored (by ethnicity and social class) and interventions to close achievement gaps between groups should be a campus priority.
  • Access: California should continue to lead the nation in participation rate (i.e., the number of students per 1,000 residents) enrolled in higher education.

  • Success: California’s community colleges will increase completions by 1 million by 2020.
  • Equity: California’s community colleges will eliminate the achievement gap.
  • Access: California’s community colleges will close participation rate gaps.