Argumentative Essay Writing: The Most Interesting Topics of 2021

Every student should be aware that essays are the most common type of assignment in colleges and universities. You will have to write such papers almost every week. As a rule, these tasks are quite simple. But what if you have to write an argumentative or classification essay? Then you should know the basic rules.

First, you must create a strong thesis and your position on a particular issue. Second, you need to find trusted sources to make your case persuasive. Correct reasoning and facts are the keys to excellent paper and high grades.

Choosing topics for an argumentative essay is the most serious problem. The point is that your professor can give you creative freedom. On the one hand, you are not limited by any framework. But what if you're out of ideas or don't want to pick a tricky topic? These are the aspects that you should consider. Find a cool topic when writing an review essay, and success awaits you. Here's what you should pay attention to.

High School Topics

If you are in high school, then you should choose the area that is relevant to you. Then it will be easy for you to write an argumentative essay outline and get started. Take a look at your surroundings. Then you will have no problem with what to write about. Here are five good topics for you.

  1. Do smartphones affect the educational process?
  2. Do social media influence the formation of mental connections?
  3. Can a teenager quickly integrate into modern society?
  4. Can TikTok help students do better assignments?
  5. Why are teenagers so influential in YouTube trends?

As you can see, such argumentative essay topic ideas are quite interesting. Moreover, you can find a lot of information and confirm your thoughts with facts. The only condition is to find reliable sources. Don't use publicly available data on Wikipedia or other websites.

Trending College Topics

Now let's take a look at the argumentative essay topics for college. The principle of choosing the area of your research remains unchanged. The only aspect is the more complex topics. But don't worry. You shouldn't have a problem. Here are some interesting options for you.

  1. Is free speech important in colleges?
  2. Should everyone provide free medical care in the United States?
  3. Should the FBI spy on politicians or business people?
  4. The methodology for choosing a college in modern realities.
  5. Does the choice of major affect the success of each person's career?

As you can see, students can choose almost any aspect of life. You also shouldn't be afraid to choose non-standard argumentative research paper topics. Think of it as a new experience and an opportunity for additional skills аnd if you want to learn tricks to make your essay longer, read the article at the link..

Modern University Topics

It's time to raise the stakes. If your professor allows you to choose an interesting research area, you shouldn't waste time. Take a look at these five cool topics. Here is a springboard for your further research.

  1. Does gender affect career success in modern society?
  2. Can social media algorithms be used to track social protests?
  3. Is it important to have a personal opinion and not be influenced by the crowd?
  4. Why do certain categories of Americans not have equal rights to education?
  5. Can cryptocurrency replace fiat money?

Writing a college argumentative research paper is a fun process, especially if you've chosen a good topic. The main advantage of these examples is that you can understand how multifaceted your research can be. Remember to remain open-minded at all times. Try to give truthful arguments that are easy to confirm by links to reliable sources like

Controversial Topics

Here's another good option for you. Controversial topics are relevant to any educational institution. You can discuss racism, inequality, immigration, and other aspects that do not have a single correct opinion. Here are the top five topics for you.

  1. Does the number of immigrants influence social unrest in the United States?
  2. Is the death penalty inhumane, and in what cases is it justified by public opinion?
  3. Do transgender people need hormone therapy?
  4. Should we make vaccination mandatory for all Americans?
  5. Does the US need military campaigns in other countries?

As you can see, there are quite a few interesting and controversial topics. Choose any economic, social, or political aspect, and you will not regret it. These topics are interesting enough, especially if you can find reliable sources for getting the data.